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Women are incredible multi-taskers and in the long list of people and tasks they take care of, we find that the thing that comes last is often themselves. That's why we created the Beautyfull You program, to ensure that women who are struggling to make ends meet have everything they need to move forward with their goals and their lives. The program also teaches the ladies the importance of self-care in the midst of trying times, because we know that caregiver fatigue is real and debilitating. The women selected to participate in this program by WWS Advisory Council member, Dr. Kate Patten, BEd, MA, PhD, who is an adjunct professor at SFU and the director of NELP (Neuro Emotional Literacy Program). Dr. Kate works with local school districts to deliver emotional literacy and parenting support programs to single mothers in need. All eleven participants are single mothers who struggle financially, some are looking for employment, some take care of children with disabilities and all needed to know that they aren't alone. Our goal was to encourage the women and give them some tools, as well as empowerment and confidence, to get ahead. 

The evening began with beverages and healthy snacks. Each woman was treated to a fresh haircut and style by professional stylists. They were also given goodie bags FULL of skin care products, hygiene products and other gifts. Then the woman were taken to Picturesque Clothing Co. where they were given a new outfit that would be appropriate for the workplace, as well as a brand new set of boots to go with it. Throughout the evening, we had a chance to speak to each woman, hear her story and show her that there are people who care. We heard incredible stories of women giving of themselves tirelessly, there were a few tears and a lot of laughter. Health and Wellness Coach Gina Harmson, Registered Nurse Paulette Baker, Social Services Outreach Coordinator Heidi Smith and Dr. Kate were all on site for the evening, to answer any questions the ladies had for their respective areas of expertise. 

Volunteer Team: (L to R) Rebeckah, Health Coach Gina, Outreach Coordinator Heidi, Heather, WWS President Andrea, Paulette RN, Christina, hairstylist Julie, hairstylist Eleasha, Studio One owner Kim, hairstylist, makeup artist Irene, makeup artist Karly.

Some of our BeautyFull You participants!

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