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WWS Star of the Month Award

Everywhere we look, we see women doing extraordinary things, in and for their communities, their families, and their world. The Wonder Women Star of the Month brings awareness to those exceptional women who go above and beyond to serve and encourage others, inspiring others to do the same. It also gives us an opportunity to feature the local community-minded businesses who sponsor each month's award in support of Wonder Women everywhere!

September 2017
*sponsored by Naomi Betterton, Tupperware
September 2017
*sponsored by Naomi Betterton, Tupperware
Sarah Hargrave
Sarah is one of those very special people who makes us all want to be better and do more.
She works every day to help others find access
to housing, food, education and other services
they wouldn't otherwise get without her help.
Thank you for everything you do, Sarah!
October 2017
*sponsored by Naomi Betterton, Tupperware
Christine Gibbs
Christine is a force of nature and we don't know how she does it all! On top of raising her active boys, she runs a business with her husband, volunteers on the local motorcross association board AND she volunteers at local schools in her "spare time"! Keep up the good work, Christine!
November 2017
*sponsored by Naomi Betterton, Tupperware
& 9 Round 30 Min. Fitness (Sumas)
Constable Sayeh Hejazi
Constable Hejazi was nominated by Mission Mayor Randy Hawes for her tireless work with the underprivileged and homeless community, going above and beyond her duties as a police officer.
January 2018
*sponsored by Naomi Betterton, Tupperware
Julie Fanucchi
Julie is an incredible example of what a positive attitude in the face of adversity can do! Julie is a working mom of three, who balances her popular hair salon with taking care of her kids, while inspiring women to take charge of their health through her online presence. Julie is also a recent amputee, but she doesn't let it slow her down!
February 2018
*sponsored by Chauntelle Lange-Cole
Shannon Murphy
Shannon was nominated by her mother-in
-law, who described her as a joy and a
wonderful teacher and mother. Shannon
and her family suffered a tragic loss but
her grace and strength throughout the
following months inspired her family and 
all who know her. 
March 2018
*sponsored by Picturesque Clothing Co. 
Pam Alexis
There is simply not enough room to list all of the contributions that town councillor, Pam Alexis, has made to her community. Pam has served tirelessly on many committees for many years to bring about positive change in her community, so much so that people who know her wonder how she can get it all done! Thank you, Pam!
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