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Our mission is to provide education, support and empowerment for women to find employment that they find meaningful and fulfilling as much as possible. Programs are available for women who plan to enter or re-enter the workforce confidently with the skills they need. Sign up for our mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops and  seminars taught by professional business educators.

Client Testimonial: 
Being a part of the Wonder Woman Society has opened up doors for me which I did not believe were possible.  I was struggling to find my confidence and was almost ready to give up on my passion.  I had been pushed down so many times it seemed like it was a losing battle and I was going to throw in the towel.  A friend of mine suggested that I meet with Andrea to discuss the Wonder Woman Society and she inspired me to not only keep going, but become a part of their team.  Through this group of empowered women, I was able to utilize her contacts which landed me land a position where I am able to apply my skills in marketing and web design while feeling like I am also contributing to it's overall success.  I am positive this is just the beginning! - C.C. (April 2018)

Please contact us if you feel any of these
services could be a benefit to you:

Resume Building

Presenting Yourself Professionally

Wardrobe Coaching

Cover Letter Writing

Job Search Assistance
Interview Skills

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